The following skills from the base system are not appropriate to Arvalia and are not available:
*Energy Weapon
*Heavy Machine
*Martial Arts
*all Repair specialties (Repair is a single skill, that pretty much just covers mechanical items)

The complete list of skills and skill categories is below. The first parenthetical value is the base skill rating. The second parenthetical value(s) are the available specialties. Skills preceded with an asterisk are new, their descriptions are below the skill list.

Physical category (DEX primary; STR secondary; SIZ negative)
Climb (40)
Jump (25)
Pilot (05) (Boat)
Ride (05) (Horse, others by GM permission only)
*Run (25)
Swim (15)
Throw (25)
Parry (by weapon) (by weapon)

*Combat category (DEX primary; STR secondary; SIZ secondary)
Brawl (25)
*Disarm (01) (by weapon)
Grapple (25)
Melee Weapon Attack (by weapon) (by weapon)
*Mounted Combat (05)
*Quickdraw (01) (by weapon)
*Reverse Strike (05) (by weapon)
*Subdue (01) (by weapon)

Communication category (INT primary; POW secondary; APP secondary)
Bargain (05)
Command (05)
Disguise (01)
Etiquette (05)
Fast Talk (05)
Perform (05) (act, dance, juggle, orate, sing, play [instrument], possibly others)
Persuade (15)
Speak Language (INTx5 for native, 00 for others) (by language)
Status (00) (by social class, occupation, region, or profession)
Teach (10)

Mental category (INT primary)
Appraise (05)
First Aid (30)
Gaming (10)
Knowledge (01) (Heraldry, History, Law, Linguistics, Politics, Region (specify), Religion, Streetwise)
Literacy (00) (by language)
*Lore (01) (Age of Dragons, Age of Mists (base value 00), Rune)
Medicine (01)
Navigation (01)
Science (01) (Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Geology, Mathematics, Meteorology, Zoology)
Strategy (01)

*Magic category (POW primary; CON secondary)
*Rune Attunement (05)
*Runecarving (00)
*Runecasting (01)
*Faith (00) (by deity)
*Runes (01) (by rune)

Manipulation category (DEX primary; INT secondary; CON secondary)
Art (05) (Architecture, Calligraphy, Painting, Sculpture, others)
*Conceal (05)
Craft (05) (Armorsmithingin, Blacksmithiing, Carpentry, Cooking, Leatherworking, Stonemasonry, Weaponsmithing, others)
Drive (20) (Carriage/Cart/Wagon, Chariot, Dog Sled)
*Forgery (05)
Missile Weapon Attack (by weapon)
*Pick Lock (05)
Repair (05) (no specialties in Arvalia, but encompasses Mechanical, Plumbing and Structural)

Perception category (INT primary; CON secondary; POW secondary)
Insight (05)
*Foraging (05)
Listen (25)
Research (10) (Books, Streetwise)
Spot (25)
*Scavenge (05)
*Search (25)
Sense (15)
Track (05)

*Ritual category (INT primary; DEX secondary; POW secondary)
(all these skills from The Magic Book)
Ceremony (05)
Enchant (00)
Summon (00)

Stealth category (DEX primary; SIZ negative)
Dodge (05)
Hide (10)
Stealth (10)

Descriptions for added skills are as follows:

Conceal – Hiding an object such that it can be found only with a Search roll.

Disarm – Forcing an opponent to drop their weapon by hitting it with your own. Disarming a 2H weapon with a 1H weapon only knocks the weapon out of one of the defender’s hands (defender’s choice).

Faith – Measures the depth of the character’s faith in the gods. It affects your ability to learn and regain divine spells.

Foraging – Finding food and water in the wilderness.

Forgery – Creating false documents or portions thereof (e.g. signatures).

Lore (Age of Mists) – Information regarding the world during the Age of Mist. Discretionary points may not be used to increase this skill. Expect significant penalties to success chance with this skill.

Lore (Age of Dragons – Information regarding the events of the Age of Dragons.

Lore (Rune) – Information regarding the existence and effects of runes, as well as where they might appear.

Mounted Combat – Your chance to successfully apply your mount’s damage bonus on a charge attack. Roll to attack normally (lower of weapon skill or ride skill). If the roll is a hit and is also lower than your mounted combat skill, you may use the mount’s damage bonus in place of your own.

Pick Lock – Opening locks without a key.

Quickdraw – Can remove the strike rank penalty for drawing a weapon.

Reverse strike – Attacking into your flank or rear without changing facing.

Run – Skill in running long distances.

Rune (by rune) – A measure of how much power you can get out of the rune.

Rune Attunement – Attuning yourself or another willing individual to a rune. Attuning another character is difficult, but gives both of you an experience check on this skill if successful (and if the target character is interested)

Runecarving – integrating runes into weapons, armor, and other items.

Runecasting – casting of spells granted by attuned runes.

Scavenge – Finding useable parts/items ‘lying around’. Items found via this skill are rarely good quality, but are serviceable.

Search – Finding small and/or hidden items or details.

Subdue – Knocking an enemy out without killing them. A subdue attempt is checked vs. the lowest of the weapon skill or subdue skill. A successful subdue checks the normal damage of the attack plus damage bonus vs. the location’s hit points on the resist table. A success incapacitates the location for one round plus one round per 5 points the check succeeded by.

Rules for the following skills are modified from the base rules:

Missile/Melee Weapon Attack – Each weapon is a separate skill (e.g. short sword and broad sword are independent skills tracked and advanced separately). Base attack chance with all shields is 05%, not the base skill listed in the book (which is still used for parry). Base parry chance with all projectile weapons (bow, crossbow) is 05%, not the base skill listed in the book (which is still used for attack). See the house rules page for updated rules on defaulting to weapons you’re not trained with.

Parry – same rules as Weapon Attack, above. Base parry chance for all missile weapons that cannot also be used in melee is 05%.


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