human pantheon

According to myth, the gods once walked Arvalia alongside their worshippers, and intervened in affairs directly. There are no reliable reports of having seen them on Arvalia since the end of the Age of Mists.

Marenus, God of Water
Cult skills: Swim, Pilot (boat), Navigation
Greater divine magic: Absorption, Breath Air/Water, Command (water elemental), Float
Lesser divine magic: Chant (CF 93), Predict Weather (CF 124), Part Water (CF 119), Warp Wood (139), Fog (CF 107)

Istili, Goddess of Air
Cult skills: Dodge, Spot, Weapon Attack (any missile weapon)
Greater divine magic: Cloud Clear, Command (air elemental), Reflection, Restore Health (DEX), Sureshot
Lesser divine magic: Push (CF 127), Blur (CF 91), Spiritual Weapon (CF 133), Silence (132), Gust of Wind (CF 110)

Rakumber, God of Earth
Cult skills: Medicine, Grapple, Repair
Greater divine magic: Command (earth elemental), Heal Body, Regrow Limb
Lesser divine magic: Stone Skin (CF 133), Wall (CF 138), Rock to Mud (CF 130)

Vestria, Goddess of Fire
Cult skills: First Aid, Command, Strategy
Greater divine magic: Berserk, Command (fire elemental), Fear
Lesser divine magic: Lesser Blessing (CF116)

Rejyn, God of Ice
Cult skills: Science (any), Research (any), Teach
Greater divine magic: Madness, Restore Health (STR, CON or SIZ)
Lesser divine magic: Wall of Frost (CF 138)

Arex, God of Storms
Cult skills: Dodge, Scavenge, Science (Meteorology)
Greater divine magic: Cloud Call, Lightning, Thunderbolt
Lesser divine magic:

Litori, Goddess of Metal
Cult skills: Craft (Armorsmithing, Blacksmithing, or Weaponsmithing), Melee Attack (any metal weapon), Appraise
Greater divine magic: Shield, True (Weapon)
Lesser divine magic: Magic Weapon (CF 118)

Wistoryl, Goddess of Mist
Cult skills: History, Fast Talk, Disguise
Greater divine magic: Mindblast, Restore Health (INT or APP), Illusory Motion, Illusory Odor, Illusory Sight, Illusory Sound, Illusory Substance, Illusory Taste
Lesser divine magic: Fog (CF 107), Mirror Image (CF 145),

human pantheon

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