water rune

skill right hand left hand head
01-20 Rust Detect Magic Detect Magic
21-40 Poison Countermagic Neutralize Poison
41-60 Demoralize Heal Part Water
61-80 Enhance POW Enhance APP Heal
81-100 Dispel Magic - -
101+ Conjure Elemental Conjure Elemental Conjure Elemental

Conjure Elemental

Countermagic TMB p. 20

Demoralize TMB p. 21

Detect Magic

Dispel Magic TMB p. 21

Enhance APP TMB p. 55

Enhance POW TMP p. 55

Heal TMB p. 23; except heals RS/30 points per level.

Neutralize Poison (1 per level, Touch, Instant)
Caster matches the level of the spell vs the strength of the poison on the resistance table. On a success the poison is countered; on a failure the poison is still reduced in strength by 1/2.

Part Water CF p. 119

Poison (1 per level, Ranged, Temporal)
This spell creates a poison with a potency equal to the spell level on a target weapon, food, or drink. Upon being hit by or injesting the poisoned item the target must resist the poison with his CON. Failing to resist means the target takes the potency of the poison in damage direct to hit points. Successful resist means taking 1/2 damage direct to hit points. Either way the spell ends once a target makes the resist roll.

Rust This spell reduces the chance of hitting with the target weapon by 5% per level of the spell. If cast on a weapon in another creature’s possession the caster must overcome the wielder’s MP with his own.

water rune

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