Sorcery is a form of magic used in Ages past. It has been replaced by rune magic.

Sorcery is its own skill category.

Sorcery (INT primary; POW secondary; DEX secondary)
Duration (00)
Intensity (05)
Multispell (00)
Range (00)
Spells (per spell) (00)

Sorcery uses the same spells available from attuned runes. Any rune spell may be learned as a sorcery spell, and each spell is a separate skill for sorcery. Any variable effects of the spell that would normally be based on rune skill (RS) is instead based on the sorcery skill for that spell.

A character may have memorized a number of sorcery spells equal to their INT. They may only cast spells that are memorized. The character’s INT minus the number of spells they have memorized is known as their free INT, and is important for modifying spells.


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