rune magic

Rune magic is the common magic system of the major civilized races of Arvalia. Runestones manifest naturally in the world, generally in or near concentrations of their element. They are approximately 1.5" in diameter and 1/8" thick.

By attuning to these runes a person gains the ability to cast spells associated with the rune. Runes must be attuned to a part of your body (right or left hand, or head). The rune melds into the attuned body part and is visible akin to a tattoo.

The most common runes are embodiments of the elements: air, earth, fire, and water. See the list of known runes.

Each rune has a table of abilities available to the runecaster based on which part of their body they attuned to the rune, and how adept they are with that particular rune. The runecaster has access to all abilities of their current skill with that rune and below.

For description of how the attunement process works, see rune attunement.
For description of how to cast available runic spells, see runecasting.

While attuning directly to runes is the most common form of rune magic, one can also bind the powers of runes into specially prepared items. This is known as runecarving.

rune magic

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