fire rune

skill right hand left hand head
01-20 Firearrow Resist Fire Light
21-40 Firebolt - Ignite
41-60 Fireblade Fireshield Fanaticism
61-80 Fanaticism Enhance STR Fireshield
81-100 Fireball Wall of Fire Fireblade
101+ Conjure Elemental Conjure Elemental Conjure Elemental

Conjure Elemental

Enhance STR TMB p. 55

Fanaticism TMB p. 22

Firearrow TMB p. 22

Fireball CF p. 105, except radius is RS/25 meters.

Fireblade TMB p. 22

Firebolt (1 per level, Ranged, Instant)
This spell does 1d3 damage per level to a random location (missile table).

Fireshield (1 point, Touch, Temporal)
Opponents attacking the target with short range weapons suffer 1d6 points of fire damage to the striking limb(s). At skill level 80+ the spell affects attackers with short or medium range weapons.

Ignite (1 point, Range, Instant)
Instantly sets on alight any flammable material in range.

Resist Fire (1 point per level, Touch, Temporal)
Every level of this spell provides two points of armor vs. heat and fire attacks.

Wall of Fire CF p. 138

fire rune

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