earth rune

skill right hand left hand head
01-20 Shatter Enhance Health Repair
21-40 Exhaust Restore Fatigue -
41-60 Slow Protection -
61-80 Enhance SIZ Enhance CON Passwall
81-100 Petrify Wall of Stone -
101+ Conjure Elemental Conjure Elemental Conjure Elemental

Conjure Elemental

Enhance CON CF p. 55

Enhance Health (1/level, Ranged, Temporal)
Provides a buffer of RS/10 hit points per level to the target. These hit points are not split among locations that are lost before the target’s hp. These hit points are lost before armor reduction.

Enhance SIZ CF p. 55

Exhaust (1, Ranged, Instant)

Passwall CF p. 120


Protection TMB p. 24

Repair TMB p. 24

Restore Fatigue (1, Ranged, Instant)

Shatter (1 MP per level, Ranged, Instant)
Does 1d6 damage per level to an object. Carried/worn objects use object’s SIZ plus wielder’s MP to resist the attack. Unattended objects use just their SIZ.

Slow TMB p. 24

Wall of Stone (1 per level, Ranged, Temporal)

earth rune

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