divine magic

There are two levels of divine spellcaster. Initiates are lay followers of their god who have taken vows of commitment to that deity. They may learn all divine magics except those indicated as ‘one use’, though they cannot cast them as often as priests can.

Priests are devoted followers of their god who have shown dedication and expertise. They must have at least 10 points of divine magic (not counting lesser magic), and skill of at least 50% in each of the three cult skills plus ceremony and orate. They may learn all divine magics including one-use spells, and have an easier time recovering their ability to cast common and special divine spells.

There are three categories of divine spell.

The first is lesser divine magic. These spells have no investment cost to learn, and always have a success chance equal to the caster’s POWx5 as a percentage. The selection of lesser divine magics available varies based on the deity worshipped.

The second category is common divine magic. These are greater spells available to all divine spellcasters. Each one costs a point of permanent POW to learn. All common spells from The Magic Book are available except the Enchantment spells and Summon (species).

The third category is special divine magic. These are also greater spells, but are available based on the deity worshipped. They cost at least one point of permanent POW to learn.

Once a divine spell is cast it is gone until such time as the character is able to successfully pray to recover it. Prayer to recover spells is a difficult (1/2 skill) Faith roll that takes at least ten minutes per spell. Priests may attempt this roll once per day. Initiates may attempt the roll once per week.

The available special spells are dependent on the god worshipped. See the human pantheon or dwarven pantheon.

Results of casting roll:
FUMBLE – Spell fails; spend all MP; also make a Faith roll or lose one point of Faith
FAILURE – Spell fails; spend one MP
SUCCESS – Spell succeeds
SPECIAL – Spell succeeds; also gain an experience check for Faith
CRITICAL – Spell succeeds; if a greater spell, also recover its use immediately

divine magic

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