air rune

skill right hand left hand head
01-20 Gust Wind Shield Farsee
21-40 Speeddart Mobility Gust
41-60 Befuddle Shimmer Lift
61-80 Enhance DEX Wind Wall Jump
81-100 Lightning Bolt - Fly
101+ Conjure Elemental Conjure Elemental Conjure Elemental

Spell descriptions:

Befuddle TMB p. 20

Conjure Elemental

Enhance DEX TMB p. 55

Farsee TMB p. 22

Fly CF p. 106

Gust (1 per level, Ranged, Instant)
Caster matches (level of the spell X rune skill/20 (round down)) vs. target’s SIZ as if making a knockback attack. This spell is not resistable MP vs. MP.

Jump (1 per level, Ranged, Instant)
Target instantly jumps forward 3 meters per level of the spell.

Lift CF p. 116

Lightning Bolt (RS/40 per level, Ranged, Instant)
This spell does 1d(RS/10) damage per level to a random location (missile location). Metal armor does not protect vs. this damage.

Mobility TMB p. 23

Shimmer TMB p. 24

Speeddart TMB p. 24

Wind Shield (1 per level, Ranged, Temporal)
Each level of this spell reduces the chance of being hit by missile attacks from the front by 10% (5% per level for missile attacks from either side).

Wind Wall (1 per level, Ranged, Temporal)
The spell creates a wall of wind 1m wide per level of the spell. Missile attacks through the wall suffer a 10% penalty per spell level. Movement through the wall costs an extra 1m of movement per level of the spell.

air rune

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