For centuries the elves of Arvalia have nurtured and protected the fledgling races of men, sheltering them from the worst ravages of the dark powers of the world. Now the Age of Elves has passed. The elves are withdrawing en masse from the lands of men, largely leaving the untried races of men to fend for themselves.

Without the vigilance of the elves to keep them in check, rumor has it the dragons’ sleep in the mountains north of Drachenward is ending, soon to bring fire and destruction to the world once more. At the same time, the broo, orc, and goblin tribes that were once pushed to the edges of habitable lands grow restless, sensing the retreat of the land’s guardians.

Young kingdoms arise to fill the void left by the lands’ former rulers, taking their first unsteady steps to dominance, or dissolution. It is an uncertain time in history. Any one of the young nation-states may be the seed of a future mighty empire, or they may all be swept aside under the darker forces of the world.

Arvalia: Ascension of Man

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