There is a LOT of setting I haven’t finished writing yet. Some of that is lazy, some of that is by design. If you have a cool idea for your backstory and want to make it fit in the world we probably can. I’m open to adding to the world. Some things may not be possible if they conflict with things that I’ve already developed but just haven’t made available to players, but that shouldn’t happen much, if at all.


The area the game start focuses on is the lands surrounding the Sea of Glass, a relatively narrow north/south but long east/west sea (roughly 500 km x 50 km). The region is bounded by ocean in the west, the country of Drachenward to the north, an open relatively uninhabited plain to the east, and the country of Soltara to the south. A narrow strait (Miltaben’s Strait) connects the Sea of Glass with the western ocean. The ocean coast in the region is mostly cliff face straight to the water, even the countries that border the ocean have their best harbors on the sea.

Miltaben’s Strait is only a long bowshot wide, sided by cliff on both north and south. In the ocean just west of the passage to the Sea of Glass is an uninhabited rocky island with no official name, colloquially called Shipwreck. The currents in/out of Miltaben’s Strait are treacherous, especially as the tides come in or out, and many a derelict hull litters the island’s shore, giving rise to its name.

The climate in the region is cool. Summers are short and warm. Winter is long, cold, and usually features heavy snows. The Sea of Glass does not freeze most years, but it’s not unheard of in an unusually cold year.

The region is primarily settled by men. The occasional elf still lingers in the area, mostly as advisors to the leaders of the small countries. Rumor places at least one dwarf hold in the Redbrick mountains, but if true its inhabitants do not trade often with the people living nearer to the sea. There are small dwarven communities in a couple of the larger cities of the region. Halflings are all but unheard of in the area, there are no significant settlements of the little folk in any of the countries surrounding the Sea of Glass.


I have a working map that will eventually go up on the wiki, but for a sense of relative local scale: the four countries clustered around the Sea of Glass are relatively small compared to their immediate neighbors. Either Drachenward or Soltara is at least as large as three other countries in the area combined.

Intabi – A matriarchal monarchy to the northwest of the Sea of Glass. It’s rulers are forbidden from marrying. Capital: Avarin.

Braeme – A monarchy to the northeast of the Sea of Glass. Capital: Newcastle.

Darturn – A monarchy to the southeast of the Sea of Glass. Capital: Jerinsen. Other major city: Crentin.

Parkistal – A monarchy to the southwest of the Sea of Glass. It has been sacked by Orc and Broo raiders in recent memory. Those humans who can have fled the country, and the location and status of its leaders is unknown. Capital: Olumbur. Other major city: Gereton

Free city of Mariburl – The former seat of elven government over the region, now an independent city-state. The city claims (and tries) to be a meritocracy, but it functions more as an oligarchy in truth.

Drachenward – Drachenward is an aristocratic militaristic dictatorship. Most citizens of the country serve or have served in its military, but only the nobility may advance to senior ranks. The country is ruled by its Lord General, the highest ranking officer of the military. Capital: Wardham. Other major cities: Progue, Meritone.

Soltara – a matriarchal monarchy to the south. Capital: Blazid. Other major cities: Ivici, Genin



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