I’m looking to create a more heroic fantasy environment than some of my recent games. Truly good individuals and organizations exist in Arvalia, as do truly evil ones; not everything is a shade of grey. That’s not to say that all of these alignments will be obvious.

In keeping with the heroic theme, I’m looking for PCs who are well on the good side of the good/evil axis. I don’t need a half dozen paladins, but I will be less accepting of selfish or manipulative concepts than I have been in other games. I’m also expecting self-motivated ‘adventuring’ types for PCs – characters who choose to actively do something about situations in their world.

There are events in motion in the world as the game starts. PCs may be able to be a part of or affect some of these. It’s also cool with me if you ignore them all (they’ll still happen, and characters may or may not have to deal with that). I have no problem with a player taking a right turn at what I think the plot is and never looking back. This has one key caveat: the new direction has to be at least as engaging for all players (not just the one with the crazy idea) as my intended one.

System-wise, I haven’t run the Chaosium game system in a while – AND I’m doing a lot of custom stuff with it, especially with magic. I expect there to be growing pains. House rules will be added as needed, and will evolve/expand over time. I’ll do my best not to throw balance too far out of whack or invalidate character choices with rules alterations, but you should expect that at some point your cool tricks may be altered if I feel they’re doing bad things to the overall experience.

My plan is to run every Wednesday, from 7-10:30 (approximate). I expect my players to be available most weeks. I’m certainly ok with occasional absences, we all have other things in our lives, but I don’t want to do a lot of schedule-wrangling or repeated recapping. If you expect you would have to miss a game more often than once every two months or so this may not be the campaign for you.


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