character creation

Completely disregard everything in the rule book about character creation. Follow the below steps instead.

PCs should be young adults just recently having finished their apprenticeship in whatever profession they chose/had chosen for them by their parents. They are setting off on or returning from their first adventure, though they probably don’t consider it ‘adventuring’ in the sense we are used to. All PCs must at the end of their background story have a reason for being onboard ship, travelling toward the Sea of Glass region. They may have grown up there and be returning, or may be travelling there for the first time.

If you cannot create the type of character you envision using the options below, talk to me. I’m open to adding new options to any of environment, parentage, or apprenticeship. Not everything will be possible, but don’t take what I’ve written out so far as the limit to what’s available.

  1. Choose your race.
  2. Choose the environment you grew up in.
  3. Choose your parentage.
  4. Choose your adolescent activity/apprenticeship.
  5. Determine starting attributes.
  6. Calculate category bonuses; add to all skills in the category (except those that started at 00 and weren’t increased previously).
  7. Spend discretionary skill points (100).
  8. (optional) Choose your beliefs (3) and instincts (3)

The following races are available for player characters:

  • Human
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Halfling
    I prefer to have an all or mostly human party, as this period in the world’s development is intended to be about the ascendance of mankind as the dominant race on the world. The rules slightly support this (humans end up with one more stat point than other races, and have a special trait). Having said that, I don’t intend to limit the number of non-humans. If I end up with an all nonhuman party, so be it.

Reference your chosen race’s wiki entry for base stats and skills. Races may have hidden sections on their wiki entry that I will make visible once you’ve settled on playing that race.

Some terminology regarding stats:

  • Base stats are the values set by race
  • Starting stats are the values you end up with at the end of character creation, before play begins.
  • Current stats are the stats your character has advanced (or fallen) to at the moment.
  • Max stat is the highest a stat can go. This has two values. During character creation it is set by your race. During play it is set based on your starting stats and/or your racial min/max stats (see the rulebook).
  • Min stat is the lowest a stat can start. There is no minimum during play, except if any stat reaches 0 your character dies.

Base stats are set by race. Some choices in character creation may modify the base values. After modifications from parentage/childhood/adolencence, players have a pool of bonus points (also based on race) to improve their base stats. Each +1 to a stat costs one point. You may also reduce stats below the base value, gaining one additional bonus point for every 2 points you reduce a stat (you may also reduce two stats by 1 point each to gain +1 bonus point). No stat may start above the racial maximum or below the racial minimum.

Spending discretionary skill points:
Each character gets 100 discretionary skill points, to be spent as the player wishes within the following restrictions: No skill with a base value of 00 may be improved via discretionary points, even if that skill was improved in some other manner during character creation. No more than 25 discretionary points may be spent on a single skill.

We will be using the skill category rules. The list of skills and skill categories is expanded from the base system. Some skills have been moved from one category to another, and a few base skill values have been changed. Note that the calculation for skill category bonus even for standard categories has changed in some cases.

The starting value of each skill is equal to the base value plus the skill category bonus, plus the points gained from environment, parentage, and apprenticeship, plus any discretionary points spent on the skill. Exception: any skill with a base value of 00 that was not increased during character creation starts at 00 (ie do not add the skill category bonus if the skill would otherwise start at 00).

No skill may start higher than 75% or lower than 00%. If points from environment, parentage, or apprenticeship put you over 75% they can probably be directed elsewhere (talk to the DM). The only two cases I can think of are:

  • Speak Language (Own): extra points can go into Speak Language (other)
  • Literacy (Own): extra points can go into Literacy (other)

Gear will be provided in game, you do not need to (indeed, can’t) choose gear as part of character creation.

character creation

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