{Tyro} Honwei' Elderwood

Male Elf - Protector of Arvalia and its peoples


An elf,
Slight of build compared to what many humans are accustom to though reasonably well toned, with long blond hair; Honwei is about 5’3" – 127 lb. One might almost mistake his slender frame for that of a woman at passing glance. He bares an Earth Rune upon his left hand, with tattoos that wind around it, up his arm and neck, and onto the left side of his face.

A bit of an outsider, his clothes carry a certain exotic nature. He tends to dress in hues of green and gold.

He fights with a kite shield and a long sword of sorts. It is curved with only a single razor sharp edge. It can be noted that he wields his sword left handed.


At an early age Honwei’ became an initiate to the Arvalia-ikarium, or “World Anchors”, an Order of Elves sworn to protect and preserve Arvalia. So it is that he has chosen to devote his life.

When the Elves decided to depart these lands, a schism occurred among the Arvalia-ikarium. Most viewed their duty was to care for and protect the Elven lands & people; while others, mostly the younger initiates, believed their oath to be for the preservation and care of the land…and whoever lives there.

After lengthy and strained debate, the evolution of the meaning behind the oath was acknowledged and each Ikarium was to decide for themselves what they believed. Any who so chose were given leave to part from their kin and watch over the inheritant peoples.

They now form the Abasidarium, protectors and teachers to the inheritant peoples. Aiding those that are destined to succeed the Elves, and oppose those who will not. For the fledgling people are blind to what they do not know and are in need of guides if they are to prosper.

Having only recently completed his trials, Honwei’ holds the rank of Tyro (novice) and has elected to stay behind and serve as an Abasidarian. As a Tyro, he has been sent to walk the realms of men, learn of them directly, and give aid where deserved. So it is that he finds himself standing feet apart at the prow of a ship cutting the waters towards the Sea of Glass, staring into the future while the wind tussles his hair, a smile on his face, and excitement in his soul…

{Tyro} Honwei' Elderwood

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